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The Skin You're In

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if there's anyone reading this... Jun. 29th, 2008 @ 04:09 pm
i'm looking to get a tattoo of a phoenix on the inside of my wrist (i've wanted it for 10 years and have finally come up with a design that i like).  i'd love to get some input on my design.  any changes or whatever to polish it up.  is it too busy at the bottom?  i was thinking solid henna color.  any thoughts?

also, does anyone know a good place to get it done in boulder or maybe denver?

any ideas, etc. would be appreciated.


Jun. 27th, 2007 @ 12:43 am
No one has posted in here in awhile. What can you guys tell me about good tattoo shops in the Lakewood/Denver area? I don't have any ink but I'm seriously considering getting something done, and I wouldn't know the first thing..

Actually more specifically...I'll probably design my own tattoo so what can you tell me about prices and what artist I should chose?
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Hm... that`s mine Aug. 18th, 2005 @ 02:42 pm

Help me get a tattoo I want...please Mar. 11th, 2005 @ 11:41 pm

Hey PEOPLE! I have a question for artists- I want a tatoo (that red guitar on the pictures) on my lower back, but I kinda wanna see how it's gonna look when it's on my body. Another words is it possible to ask a tattoo artist to do a design for me first or will it sound funny? It's just that I know what I want I'm just not sure if it's gonna look the right way. Oh and yes I want it red, just like it is on the pictures. TIA



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mushrooms tatoos Mar. 2nd, 2005 @ 12:06 pm

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This guy took pics of the tatoos he has done some of them r really kool. mushroomstatoos@group.msn.com
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» (No Subject)
So yeah I see there aren't too many people in this community yet but what the hell right? I'm a tattoo artist and I'll be moving to Denver in a month so here I am. I'll be working at Tat Tao Tattoo on Broadway, we are a full on custom shop that is relatively new to the area. I'm super stoked to be coming out to work with Kricket (shop owner) again. He is the dude who apprenticed me. So anyway just saying what's up, come see me in a month...just ask for Brando :)
» Top of the morning to ya~

What the hell posessed you to get a tattoo?

I've always felt like the art is under my skin, waiting to surface... I lead the life of a gypsy and I want to mark my paths....incase I forget the way home.

When did you get your first?

I was in high school. I drew a celtic design in English class... skipped out for 3 periods and got my tat done, then made it back to school before the bus.

To be stabbed or not?

I had my nipple pierced, it was a wonderful feeling... my tongue, my ears are stretched... my nose... I love it. Stick it to me.

Pictures? Artwork?

I have none of my tats to post atm, but perhaps in the future there will be an exhibition ;)

Are you a tattoo artist? Know any? Had any local work done?

I can't remember the tattoo artists name.... but had some ink done at Celebrity.

What are your plans for future tattoos?

I'm formulating something pretty spiritual now.... maybe I'll post more on that when the art is completed.But to be vague...Koi fish on my arm, and a spinal as well....

What are your tattoos? Signifigance?

I have a gargoyle on my lower back.. it is standing on the chinese symbol for stregnth, Ive needed it in my life and this tattoo was done in Houston, at a pretty fucked up time in my life. It helps me to recall how strong I really am when I might not feel that way... my guardian gargoyle

I have 2 on my stomach, one is of a panda bear (my spirit animal) and a moon and star.

There is a celtic cross with an irish flag and clover on my left shoulder.


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